Our Story

Formula Philosophy

Our community inspires our product development process in order to deliver formulations that are requested by and made for you.

Efficacy is at the forefront of every product we create. Each of our formulations will be developed to achieve results with powerhouse actives delivered at efficacious levels.

Our products will always be cruelty-free and vegan through every step of our development process.

Our formulations will be synthetic fragrance and essential oil free to ensure everyone can use our products without irritation.

Thoughtfully packaging our products is important to preserve the efficacy of active ingredients as well as allowing us to be focused on our environmental impact.

Letter from Our Founder

Through my background in tech and consumer packaged goods, I quickly learned that consumers are often over-paying for products and realized that there should be a way to use a mobile app and community to help consumers get the best value. Our app, Brandefy, took off in the beauty and skincare space, which makes sense because the margins are absolutely preposterous. Frequently, we’d get questions like, “what’s a great affordable alternative to so-and-so?”, and it didn’t exist. So we put the team together to make it - including world class chemists. I am proud of the products we are developing. My promise to you is that we will always put you first, focus on our formulations, and uphold our values.